I (don’t) get email, therefore I am (not)!

October 11, 2009Blog Standard

A friend of mine was unhappy and upset for 6 months because he said he was overworked and got 200 mails every day.
He changed his job, moved to another company and now he is again very unhappy. He feels under-utilsied and complains that he hardly gets any emails.

Another friend of mine, who is a master of the art of politicking in corporate jungle, is very sensitive about when he is or is not marked on an email.

When I see the light on my blackberry glow, I rush to see who has sent that latest mail.
I complain about emails wanting a quick action, or more mails than necessary, but I must admit that I miss it when I get no or very few emails sometimes in a few hours.

It is interesting how our sense of identity has got so closely entwined with the emails we send and receive, how many and when and from whom.

If Descartes was alive today, he would change his statement “I think, therefore I am”
to ” I get email, therefore I am”.

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