“Software Engineer” and “Softician”

October 19, 2009Blog Standard

We all know the difference between a technologist/engineer and a technician.

No one confuses the skill set (and the compensation levels) of an electrical engineer with that of an electrician, or of a mechanic with that of a mechanical engineer.

Similar distinctions will emerge between “Software Engineers” and “Softicians” with development technology getting commoditized.

It is anybody’s guess as to whether this shift happens in the next 2 years or it takes 10 years.

When I first wrote about this last year (see the article – of engineers and mechanics), it looked like a distant future.

Last week I met two folks, both engineers with seemingly same but in reality different skill sets and with different growth prospects.

A software engineer with 5 years experience who has been able to go beyond the basic coding level, and a bright programmer with 2 years experience with a solid understanding of fundamentals who can develop complex code.
he salary level of both were very different, and the job prospects for both in current market situations were very different too.

The hiring patterns for software engineers too seem to be changing.

I think the shift will happen more sooner than later.

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