About Avatar..the movie…I agree…

January 26, 2010Blog Standard

Saw the movie Avataar today…am not much of a movie buff..but I really liked it…
It is probably one of the very few alien related movies (if not the only one) in which the conflict between earthmen and aliens presents the aliens in a positive light while accurately depicting the predatory, “land-grabbing” and “profiteering” tendencies of the “civilised and modern” earthmen without a thought to nature’s balance.
One of the characters in the movie, the “savage” girl  says ” Our god does not take sides in the war..it only protects the balance of life”…
If only our so called leaders and so called scientists and technologists understood this simple principle…about maintaining the balance, life would have been different..and we would not face the crises we face today..

Other than the the 3D effects, the great cinematography, and the brilliant “avatar” concept, this particular aspect of the script by Cameron has also probably stuck a chord with the global audience….playing some part in making it a big hit.

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