The ecosystem around the CIO in a typical enteprise

February 14, 2010Blog Standard

Here are the 5 key components of the ecosystem around the enterprise IT/CIO..

1) Business …..The business users, the other CXOs, the end customers when IT plays a role in their interaction with an enterprise…all these are the ones who maximise the pressure on the enterprise IT function.

2) Software companies…The enterprise software companies ..the SAPs and Oracles of the world and the numerous small ones (a typical large enterprise IT spend includes more than 100 types of software licenses)..and the rapidly growing SaaS vendors..

3) Technology gear providers…The IBMs, HPs, CISCOs, Dells of the world ..The hardware gear vendors of computing, storage and networking technology…

4) Services companies – The IT serviecs providers (HP-EDS/IBM GS/CSC/Capgemini/Wipro/TCS/Infosys…etc), the Network services providers like AT&T….and the BPO serviecs providers…

5) IT teams….The full time employees and contractors of the enterpise IT departments..

The successive blog posts will be about what does the “IT on defensive” trend mean to each of these….

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Hi Anirudh,
How about the other factor, availability of funds, the finance and the ubiquitous procurement.
the CIO has to contend with these forces as well and generally agendas are not the same.

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