About Aliens…more evolved ones…and Stephen Hawking

May 15, 2010Blog Standard

This post is not about enterprises and not about IT…recently read a news item related to a comment from Stephen Hawking….about life on other planets , and more evolved beings…


just could not avoid posting on this…..It was interesting to read his suggested course of action…
It is amusing to see how Hawking suggests keeping off the search since he fears we will meet the same fate as the “native” americans or “native” bushmen in australia.

The thought that the only way advanced folks can relate to less advanced folks is by dominating and plundering them is based on recent experience and history but not necessarily the only possible way..

If the advanced civilisations exist, they probably know more about how this whole universe of millions of planets and galaxies works, and they probably are well aware of how we , and how they fit into scheme of things in overall universe.
And it is also possible that they will probably step in to save things once we screw up the situation beyond repair…..

There is a school of thought which believes that human beings are disturbing the balance of universe and advanced civilisations are trying all they can to save the situation…and have done so in the past….and will step in actively once the intervention becomes unavoidable….

I know it is difficult to believe this…but then if Hawking believes that they exist, and that they will “loot us “ and “plunder earth” why can’t the reverse (that they will and are helping us already) be true?

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We want it to work in our favor when we are the perceived weaker side, why should we expect it, when within our own planet the reverse has always been true? whether it is the australian aborigines or the entire colonization history.

Rakesh Mishra

good attempt ! is it possible to write in hindi in this blog ?

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