generation gap…with ZAP generation

August 29, 2010Blog Standard

An interesting example of the “digital” generation gap…

The other day, I wanted to read a 40 page document. Like always, I took a print out so that I could read it, and re-read it, underline the key points, till I had internalized it and grasped the essence…..I am 39.

Prasanna, a colleague of mine, needs to read a 200 page book…to make a presentation..
He plans to scan it, and then read the scanned copy on his laptop so that he can “internalize” it and grasp the essence,….he finds it easier to take notes on his laptop as he reads… Prasanna is 27.

Any other interesting example?

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I have also faced similar situation, always I take a printout to read and mark it, others have the habit of reading on computer and make notes.


I am only 4-5 yrs your junior but I like the Prasanna way. So much so that writing on a paper has become an exercise 🙂

South Asian in WA

Heights of Digital gap, is when you have to print the text messages that my kids send me. Since the screen is so small, I send to my desktop (Sync) and then print it. Call that gap or "Gaped"

Software Testing Research Group, Pune

What I didn't understand is why it took Ani 39 years to read a 40-page document.

AW, I go by printed path!

Prashant Tewari

Joshi ji, I think it is evolution process, not necessarily an age factor. Vedic people used listening as mode of learning, then we started writing on Bhojpatra, then paper and now computer. Next generation which is younger than Prasanna may not even like to read it on Laptop and may prefer audio books, Kindle and like.
Environmental concerns may need us to ditch paper more and more and adopt new modes of reading, so it will go on.

Jamshed Wadia

i would just buy the online version of the book 🙂 … stopped buying paper books a long time back.

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