December 21 this year…..and the different views

December 18, 2012Blog Standard

Has been a long gap since my last post…..have been busy…so was on a break….but now back!

Much has been written and discussed on how 2012 will be the year of transformation or the year of doom, and December 21, the last day of the mayan calender, is considered to be the D-day.

have spent some time lately reading up on this and talking to folks and I find broadly 4 types –

Doomsayers – who really believe world will end on 2012, and are preparing for it.

Don’t think about it folks – folks who are busy with life and work and have no time to pay attention to this hype…who think Dec 21 will come and go and nothing will change

Optimists – a section who believes that 2012 is truly the year of transformation, Dec 21 will mark a cycle where the consciousness of human beings will shift to a different plane. The real shift will be invisible and at at a consciousness level, no earthquakes or volcanoes or explosions worldwide. So the next year and the years to follow will see many more changes, unexpected and unpredictable, but by and large those which will take humanity in right direction.

Fence sitters – Folks who have been following all news on this, think there might be something to it, but don’t know what exactly and how much to believe of the load of confusing stuff out there.

So which group is right, and which group are you in?

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