Anytime, Anywhere, Any device Secure Access – HOW?

July 19, 2014Blog Standard

In all the meetings that I have had of late with IT executives of global enterprises, and product and services vendors, everyone talks incessantly about how the new changing work style is about “anytime, anywhere, secure access from any device” to data and applications.

Most vendors claim to have an out of the box solution to help users and IT achieve the utopian dream of anytime, anywhere secure access to their work using any device, and it is tempting to believe them.
It is easier said than done, though.
While tablets have become commonplace in enterprises, getting access to the important business applications while being on the move involves much more work on this. Most enterprises haven’t moved beyond calender, email and basic productivity applications.
In the large pool of technology products available out there, big and small, which claim to solve the workspace problem of tomorrow, the user and the IT Admn are both chasing the utopian combination which will deliver the “anytime, anywhere, any device secure access to work”.

Is it a destination, or is it a Journey? Who has done it, how? What is the best way to do it?

Would love to share ideas and solutions towards how to achieve this in a practical and most elegant manner.

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