Amazonians, Rise of Female Consciousness and International Women’s day

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Drunvalo Melchizdeck is an acknowledged new age spiritual guru, author of several books translated in over 20 languages and conducts classes for spiritual meditation based on his Flower of Life philosophy.

This blog is not about Drunvalo. It is about an interesting assertion he makes, on the future of planet Earth,

The planet earth is not simply a physical body as modern science believes it, says Drunvalo. It is a living entity which has its own cycles on consciousness affecting the life on this planet. This is in some way similar to astrology which believes that planets and their positions affect the lives of the beings on this earth,

Drunvalo emphatically states in all his books and workshops that Mother earth has passed through transition sometime in 2012 and entered a phase of “Female consciousness” which will dominate the earth and life on it for next 13000 years. In the last 13000 years, apparently, the life on earth was dominated by “male consciousness”.

Now keep the assertion aside and look at what is happening today around us, in 2016 – starting with India.

We have all the four corners of the country ruled by Women chief ministers (or to-be chief minister in case of Mahbooba Sayyed for J&K). We have Anandiben Patel in Gujarat in West, Jayalalithaa in South, and Mamta Banerjee in East. We have Sumitra Mahajan as the speaker of Loksabha which is the primary body of legislation.

In executive, while it is led by Narendra Modi, key portfolios like External Affairs, Commerce, and HR are held by women.

The Opposition is led by Sonia Gandhi who was the undisputed leader for last 10 years of UPA too.

The rise of female consciousness, if true, could mean women are entering areas which are considered traditionally male bastions.

Finance and Power Politics are considered normally an area dominated by men.

Arundhati Bhattacharya is the chairperson for SBI – the largest Bank of India. The head of the second largest bank, ICICI Bank is also a woman – Chanda Kochar. The head of IMF, the apex body for International Finance is Christine Lagarde who just won a second term for another 5 years as the head of IMF.

The person who has a very good chance to be the next president of US of A is Hillary Clinton.

The most powerful country in Europe, Germany, is led by Angela Merkel.

Take the world of Technology, which is considered to be another male bastion.

Gini Rometty is the chairperson and CEO and the first woman to lead IBM, one of the oldest and leading computer companies with revenues of $82 Billion. HP, another big name with revenues of $103 Bn is led by Meg Whitman. Xerox, another familiar name is led by Ursula Burns.

Oracle, the second largest software company in the world is led by co-CEO Safra Catz.

Defense, Weapons, Aircrafts, is another traditional male bastion. Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in the world, with revenues more than $46 Bn, who manufactures aircrafts, and weapons and security solutions is led by a woman – Marillyn Hewson.

General Dynamics, the fifth largest defense contractor, with revenues more than $30 Bn is also led by a woman – Phebe Novakovic.

These are just a few examples in the areas considered to be male bastions. One could go on and on.

In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a race of woman warriors who created a kingdom of women, ruled by women, with men playing a subservient role.

While the world celebrates International Women day on 8th March, and we all raise a toast to women empowerment, I hope Drunvalo’s theory of domination of female consciousness does not lead to the legend of Amazon turning into reality!

Happy Women’s day to all!

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Vikas Kakwani

Nice one Joshi… Now of course there will be a “but” 🙂
But if you travel back in time to the 70s you will have enough and more women in key positions across the globe even at that time. The “female consciousness” would be more relevant if you showcase the women power & impact at a more generalized level. Where in the world do women still feel safe? What is the state of women in the hinterlands? Do watch a web-series called “Man’s world” on YouTube and you would know what I am talking about. However, no doubt the journey has commenced and if Drunvalo is saying 13000 years then maybe what is shown in the “Man’s world” should happen in around 10,000 years from now.

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